“7-Weeks to Living Limitless”

Transform your MIND, Transform your BODY, Transform your LIFE!

Warning: Side Effects Include…

The outcome of this program is: 

  • You will have reclaimed your health, made many achievements in your personal fitness goals, and locked in healthy habits that will take you further in fitness than you ever thought possible. 

  • You will have learned how to uproot limiting beliefs that serve no productive purpose in your growth. 

  • You will have learned to leverage your human nature to form new habits that will lead to the outcomes you want. 

  • You will have learned how to lead an extremely productive year and gain time freedom. 

  • You will come away knowing what to do to continue to achieve your fitness goals. 

  • You will come away with a "Next Level Navigator." A single page guiding document that will provide you with vision, passion, clarity, and strategy to overcoming your "Success Barriers" and achieve your "Next Level" this year. 


Most gym or fitness challenges and programs out there will tell you that if your body were different, you’d be happy. At Ninja Park, we know that thinking is backwards. We love becoming stronger and healthier, but we know it all starts within.

We’re excited to bring you a program that will change your life, in deeper and more profound ways than just adjusting the sizes of your physical occupancy.

Don’t worry, your body will change. In fact, that’s going to happen whether you like it or not. It will look different, have more energy, and set you up for a long, healthy life. Been trying to build healthy habits? It starts now. We can help you achieve phenomenal results in just seven weeks!

If you’re thinking about joining our community, you’ve got to be ready to work. Not only will we tackle your physical health, but we’ll engage your mind and tune it to a success frequency that will affect all aspects of your world.

If you’ve been craving a life without limits, this program will launch you into your wildest dreams.


“Transform your Mind”

At Ninja Park, we pride ourselves on strengthening our minds as well as our bodies. By involving literal obstacles into our fitness, we’re mastering overcoming challenges both inside and outside the gym. “7 Weeks to Living Limitless” starts within, as we know the mind is a powerful tool to achieving results. We understand that your thoughts affect your choices, and your choices affects your habits, and your habits affect your life. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” (Thanks, Buddha.) This program will strengthen a resilient mindset, encourage a healthy relationship with exercise, and uproot limiting beliefs. We hope at the end of seven weeks you’ll have experienced life-changing self-acceptance and tackle the world with confidence.


“Transform your Body”

In this program we’ll set physical goals and equip you to crush them! You’ll lose weight, gain muscle, and be able to go about daily life with improved energy, posture, and stamina. We’ll coach you on how to overcome physical obstacles, and build habits that will extend your physical functionality and quality of life. Perhaps even prepare you to survive in the zombie apocalypse. At Ninja Park, we reject diet culture and the thin ideal, so you can trust that we’ll set you up for success with evidence-based and balanced information. When we see programs that boast of losing 34 pounds in a few weeks, we worry. It’s a tell-tale sign that the weight loss methods used in that program are unsafe and ultimately, ineffective. Most dieters gain back any lost weight within a year. We want to set you up for LIFELONG success! We promise these seen weeks will be the best thing you ever did for your body. You’ll graduate from our program feeling awesome about your newfound strength and stamina, and we’ll celebrate the inevitable aesthetic changes, as well.


“Transform your LIFE”

In seven weeks, we expect to see significant changes in mindset and phenomenal physical results, but we also developed this program with EVERYTHING else in your life in mind. Stuck in a mundane career? Looking for more satisfying free time? Thought about some Big Audacious Goal and a little nervous to go for it? This program will equip you with effective success habits powerful enough to help you build the life you WANT. We will be extending lessons taught in the gym into your personal and professional realms. You will learn not to outwork, but to outproduce. You will be able to achieve more in less time, and take control of your future. This is where strengthening your body AND mind will transform you into someone who truly lives limitless.



WEEK ONE: Change your Habits, Change your Life

WEEK TWO: Manufacturing Time and Weapons of Mass Distraction

WEEK THREE: Unleash Your Superhuman Potential

WEEK FOUR: The Golden Opportunity

WEEK FIVE: We Grow Because We Love Ourselves

WEEK SIX: Growing into Fulfillment

WEEK SEVEN: Live Limitless