Aerial Silks Prep and Conditioning

Learn how to fly with us!

Master the basics, build the strength, and incorporate silks into your everyday workout! 

Saturdays 5 - 6 pm

Saturdays 6-6:30: Stretching For silks


Intermediate Silks and Conditioning

Prerequisites: climb and footlocks must be mastered before attending this class

Saturdays 4-5 PM



  • Includes open gym LIMITED to the aerial silks, 2 free personal training sessions with Julia


One student said this:

"I wonder if these ladies know how much strength the give me to fly... πŸ’š

Normally I don’t like my body in pictures but in the last few months I am finding secrets, and curves, and things to love about me... This picture shows that glow, that confidence, and strength aerial has given me... I look healthy. πŸ˜

People can break your heart, but it’s the strong like you, that keep you pushing on, and remembering you are alright whether you are in the sky or in the ground..."