Garrett Takach


I have a clear vision for what I want to create in this world. I want to leave a big dent on the earth before I leave it. I believe that most people shy away from the huge impact they are called to make because these big dreams that beat brightly in people’s chests are outside of their comfort zones. I believe that everyone is uniquely created to use their strengths to contribute something amazing to this world. Unfortunately, many do not realize this potential. This is something that I want to change. I believe that the most impact any single person can make is to inspire, equip, and enable others to settle for nothing short of their dreams. I believe that when people live out their dreams and live into the truest parts of themselves, that amazing impacts and purposes are fulfilled and everyone benefits.


One of the main problems humans face, that I intend to fix, is that many people are dying at a very young age because of sedentary lifestyle diseases. This means that what is killing most people is something that is preventable if they choose to prevent it. However, I do not blame them for not taking care of their health. Traditional exercise is boring, mundane, tedious, repetitive, and very chore-like. I created Ninja Park Obstacle Fitness Gym to change the trajectory of this pattern.


Ninja Park empowers people to achieve limitless dreams, to overcome obstacles mentally and physically, and to unleash the most authentic version of themselves in a community driven by joy, support, and purpose. We combined obstacles, body weight training, and strength training to form a fun, functional, and effective form of fitness that is progressive, engaging, and hangs on to your motivation thus allowing you to set your fitness goals for the last time and achieve them for the first time. The main role I play at Ninja Park is providing personal development coaching, success mentoring, leadership training, and managerial skills to my AMAZING leadership team Travis, Jessica, and Julia. They are each going to make positive impacts on this world and are going to help a lot of people in many remarkable ways.


I am very proud of the A-Team program we have at Ninja Park. We provide personal training to kids with attributes of autism with a goal to teach them that with practice, perseverance, and determination, any obstacle can be conquered. We also teach them how to lead active and healthy lifestyles. The autism cause is one that is very close to my heart and one that I work hard to contribute positive impacts to.


I am a leadership and business development consultant with Solomons LBD who provides success mentoring and personal development coaching to individuals as well as entire companies. Our goal is to help people define the journey they feel called to take and to create a strategic roadmap to successfully arriving there. I love working with people who want to embrace their dream and their calling. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than helping someone else experience fulfillment and success by doing what they most love to do.

I empower people to live limitless. 


Links to Garrett's books:

Obstacles are Meant to be Overcome

TAK Fit ~The Science Behind the Revolutionary Fitness Style and How To Use It


Garrett was asked to be the commencement speaker at a high school graduation- his speech is amazing!

Garrett Takach-Ninja Park Owner and Sarah Baca-founder of NM Autism Society speaking about Ninja Park’s A-Team!

Garrett's freerunning video. 

Garrett and his mentors interview with SCORE and Sam's Club after being named the 2016 American Small Business Champions.