Getting Started


STEP ONE: Call NOW to register*: 505-883-9203 

STEP TWO: Once you are registered, Julia will make a weekly appointment with you to check in on your healthy habit formation. The first visit MUST be prior to program start. 

STEP THREE: Join the Facebook Group and get to know your fellow program members. 

STEP FOUR: Schedule your first training session with a personal trainer. To do this, fill out a Personal Training Survey at the front desk and at the top write: "7 week program member"

STEP FIVE: Block off every Monday at 7:30 for your Monday Motivation Workshop! 

STEP SIX: Find a journal and folder you can use throughout the program. 


*We will take down your card information in case you stop following the program rules. We will charge you ONLY for what you have used, and discuss it with you before we charge anything.