Will you miss the homeschool program? Then check out our summer camp program! 

This is the perfect way to stay active over the summer until the homeschool program starts up again at the end of summer!

Ninja Park's Homeschool Program

Our certified personal trainers strive to instill the mindset of overcoming obstacles mentally and physically to teach kids the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through fun, functional fitness.

We provide the most safe and supportive environment for these growing ninjas, so they can go further than they ever thought possible!

Starting again on September 4th: 12-2 pm

**First class free**

  • Tues/Thurs- Ages 9-17

$50/Month program includes:

  • Home school class for appropriate age
  • Ninja nutrition and fitness inside and outside of the gym
  • Games, activities, and obstacles

$80/Month Program Includes:

  • Class for appropriate age group.
  • Appropriate level class membership to practice their skills.

Drop-In to the P.E. Class:

  •  $20.00/drop-in/child

Only 15 spots available per class, so call (505) 883-9203, or stop by the gym.

Discounts include 10% for auto-pay, police, military, firefighter, EMS, students grades 9 and up, and teachers. Show I.D. We also offer our $5.00 off siblings discount.