Ninja Park's Home-School Program


At Ninja Park, we pride ourselves on building character, strength, and leadership skills among our youth. We firmly believe education is important, and our fitness style is one of the best ways to learn self-discipline, resilience, and focus. Our program lets little ninjas exert their abundant energy, learn about their bodies, and prepare them to be confident adults who "live limitless."  We empower our kids to overcome obstacles inside... and outside the gym!

Our certified personal trainers strive to instill the mindset of overcoming obstacles mentally and physically to teach kids the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through fun, functional fitness.

We provide the most safe and supportive environment for these growing ninjas, so they can go further than they ever thought possible!


Spring semester ends May 22nd: 2-3 pm

  • Tuesday/Thursday: Ages 4-11


Semester program includes:

  • Weekly syllabus outlining what will be taught

  • 2 days/week for 16 weeks: learning and instruction from expert coaches

  • Homework and study guides to help kids absorb the information

  • P.E. Credit for home-school programs


  • Semester (16 weeks):

    • Paid in full: $400

    • OR 4 payments of $140

    • Get a full kids monthly membership for only $19.99/month*

      • *expires after the 16 weeks

Drop-In to the P.E. Class:

  • Week drop-in: $45/child

  • Day drop-in: $25/child

  • Only 15 spots available per class, so call (505) 883-9203, or stop by the gym.


10% for auto-pay, police, military, firefighter, EMS, students grades 9 and up, and teachers. 

$5.00 Off siblings discount!

Big family? 3rd+ child is 30% off!