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“Julia is great. She's created a community of inspiring women - I wonder if these ladies know how much strength they give me to fly... Normally I don't like my body in pictures but in the last few months I am finding secrets, and curves, and things to love about me... I have that glow, that confidence, and strength aerial has given me... I look healthy." - Sara M


“Julia has been the greatest trainer I've had the honor working with for a couple years now. She always teaches with care and makes you feel wanted in the community. Weight and dieting have always been a struggle for me but Julia has helped me to learn to love myself and eat that ice cream that has been all alone in the freezer while still being healthy. She's an inspiring woman and I love going to her classes!” - Audra H


“Julia pushed me to #livelimitless and motivated me to begin a project I was afraid to work on, that project being me. Thank you guys so much!! I definitely am closer to becoming a true warrior “ - Cecilia


“Unlike the endless dread of a treadmill, or the cardio-less lifting routine with a 4,000 calorie diet, Julia and Ninja Park offer something truly unique. It comes from the obstacles. When you finally accomplish an obstacle, it isn't like losing a pound or lifting 5 more. It is far, far more rewarding than that, and you begin to love yourself and have confidence in yourself in a way that other workouts won't give you. This program is a cure for vanity, and a breeding ground for self-love. If you don't believe me, look at the weight scale Julia made in the bathroom, and the comments tagged all over it. When you come here and get fully immersed, your interests in changing the way you look blur. Then, one day you look in the mirror and realize that you are happy, you are confident, and that you just so happen to also look like a ninja." - River L.


“Julia makes the gym not just a place for fitness and perfect people but a place that focuses on every aspect of your life and how to make you stronger.” - Vianey S.


“A lot of people say ‘I probably need to be fit before I can do something like this.’ False. Julia is awesome at explaining how to do the obstacles safely, offer progressions for different levels of experience, and introduce exercises that help to condition or train for the obstacles. But, really, only getting in there and doing it will prepare you to do it. So get in there and get started. Also, you should willingly give your money to a trainer that allows you to bring your baby and keep him with you in a huge stroller, and roll him around from spot to spot when you can’t leave him home with dad. While not an ideal workout situation, how many places can you think of where this allowed and no one ever makes you feel like a burden? If you need the blessing of being able to work out and take care of yourself while still functioning as a parent, Julia is your kind of coach. Everything. Seriously. Julia strives to help you become your best self.” - Tonya B.


“Julia is awesome she has helped someone I know get tons more confident and have shown her that she can do anything she wants. From a 3rd person view I have seen this program change her life.” - Gabe


“Julia helped me a lot to conquer my fears on the obstacles and showed me how strong I really am and to never give up on things and to keep going if it gets hard and working on loving myself for who I really am. Thanks for showing me to become a warrior. I am so proud of myself for finishing this program!” - Shylis

About the Aerialist:

Julia has been working in the fitness industry for 8 years, and fell in love with the aerial arts because of their empowering and inclusive nature. By sharing her own fitness journey, she enjoys connecting with clients and building relationships to reach goals.

The first time Julia walked into Ninja Park, "it felt like Disney World." She enjoys sharing her passion for alternative fitness and embraces the Ninja Park way of "overcoming physical and mental obstacles through fun, functional fitness."

Julia's training style has always been about balance. Julia graduated cum laude with her Bachelor's in Health and Wellness at UNM. She chose this course of study because she believes health is more than the gym or a diet. A full, meaningful, and truly healthy life balances physical health with mental, spiritual, social, financial, etc. It is important for her clients to find satisfaction and joy in their training. She is passionate about helping people build high self-esteem, positive body image, and surprising themselves with how capable they are.

Julia's particularly enjoys teaching the aerial arts, and brings silks instruction to Ninja Park with her Aerial Prep and Conditioning class on Saturdays.

Julia's positive energy and relentless encouragement comfort anyone at any fitness level looking to conquer mental and physical obstacles through fun, functional fitness.

Julia empowers people to live limitless. 

Come to Julia’s Classes!

Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 PM - Aerial Silks (Mixed Levels)

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 PM and 5 PM - TAK Women

Saturdays at 4 PM - Intermediate Silks

Saturdays at 5 PM - Beginner Silks

Saturdays at 6 PM - Stretching for Mind and Body

There’s nothing more empowering than defying gravity. I get to teach people how to fly!
— Julia Shuster, Aerialist and Coach


Scroll to the bottom of the page for information about booking private lessons or personal training with Julia!

Ready to make your event the talk of the city?

This aerialist’s magical energy and elegance will transform your special occasion into something unforgettable. Elegant. Magical.

Your booking includes:

  • Custom costume and “character” to fit your event’s theme. Julia’s talent in makeup and design transforms this athlete into a woodland fairy, 1920’s circus performer, or anything your theme desires!

  • Liability insurance, safe rigging, and set up and take down of equipment.

  • Your choice of a 1-3 minute routine, to be performed every 30-60min, or constant background performing throughout the event.

  • Your choice of aerial silks (fabrics/tissue) and/or lyra (metal hoop).

  • Optional photo ops with event guests.

For availability and pricing please call Ninja Park (505-883-9203) and ask for Julia.

We are happy to answer any questions about performances, packages, and specific requirements for space.

Julia has performed for the City of Albuquerque, at Renaissance Faires, for UNM and Lobo Village, at Heights and Westside Summerfests, private events, and showcases around the region.

Julia has a 100% approval rating from her customers!

For fastest progression, work 1-on-1 with Julia!

Receive individualized attention, tailored fitness programming, and competition or routine preparation for BOTH Aerial Silks/Lyra and Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training!

Julia’s specialty in both Aerial and Obstacle coaching is HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH EXERCISE:

This means

  • NO MORE dreading coming to the gym

  • NO MORE boring workouts with little results

  • NO MORE comparing yourself to others

  • NO MORE negative self talk

  • MORE support in a body positive community

  • MORE laughter, sweat, and exercise that feels like play

  • MORE inclusive fitness and Health At Every Size training

  • INCREASED positive body image and self-confidence

  • INCREASED bravery and self-efficacy

  • IMPROVED relationship with health and nutrition



For personal training information, click here.



Life coaching is like personal training except the focus expands beyond fitness goals into the rest of your life. A life coach is a professional, objective adviser that supports you to achieve ANY goal, many time acting as a resource center helping you make the most . Life coaches keeps you on track to achieve dreams in any area of your life. Sessions with Julia investigate some the following areas to result in a FULFILLED AND JOYFUL LIFE:

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Career/Financial Health

  • Fitness and your Relationship with Exercise

  • Nutrition and your Relationship with Food

  • Spirituality and Living with Purpose

  • Social Health and Relationships

  • Mental Health

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Finding Joy

The role of the Life Coach is to act as the ultimate accountability buddy, and a second brain to brainstorm goals and strategies. They are an objective resource that forces you to spend dedicated time each week devoted to YOU. Yes, anyone can commit to examining their goals for one hour a week, but how many are successful at this by themselves? That’s where I come in.

I am happy to answer any questions about the amazing results of life coaching, and what you can expect in your personalized program.

E-MAIL with “LIFE COACHING INQUIRY” in the subject line to connect with Julia for a FREE CONSULTATION AND STRATEGY SESSION