More Options, Much Simpler, More Value!

First off, thank you so much for being part of the Ninja Park community! Without people like you who want more than just a workout for yourself and your family, and are willing to rise above self-limiting beliefs to grow into your full potential in all aspects of life, Ninja Park would not be where we are today. 

As you read through this page, you will come across:

  • Why and how Ninja Park offers the most value.

  • Our transition plan for current members to receive the additional benefits of the new memberships.

  • All the details of the benefits of the new memberships.

Allow me to begin with the purpose of Ninja Park. Our purpose is to teach people how to overcome challenges both mentally and physically and grow into better, stronger versions of themselves. Thank you again for being part of that! We love working with people who value improving their mental and physical health and who believe in overcoming self-limiting beliefs. That's why our slogan is "Live Limitless." 

What is Ninja Park Worth?

For You:

Ninja Park creates champions! As seen above with Sami Schuh (left) and Sam Rivera (right). Whether you want to be a champion of your own health and fitness goals or a World Champion like Sam and Sami, we can do that for you.

Do you want to look great, feel great, feel confident in your body, and feel confident that you can fulfill your greatest potential in all aspects of life?

If so, that’s exactly what Ninja Park does! We take the chore-like, boring, dull, mundane, and tedious feel of conventional fitness and throw it in the trash (It hasn’t worked for you before, right?) and we replace it with fun, functional and effective fitness.

Our now proven fitness style, TAK Fit combines body weight exercises, strength training, and obstacles to create a more game-like and fun approach to fitness that will keep you motivated, consistent, engaged, and achieving goals higher than you ever thought possible!

The result is you will feel great, look great, and feel confident in how you look and what you can do! Along the way, you will form friends and allies in self-betterment and self-love who will have your back and encourage you as you continue your journey of becoming a warrior.

What is that worth to you?

How about for your kids?

Our functional fitness teaches kids how to make fitness fun and lead active and healthy lifestyles. It is the ultimate cross-training to help them excel in other sports. But it is so much more than just physical training!

What is it worth to you for your kids to be part of a program centered around conquering self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs and instilling confidence in who they are and what they’re capable of?

Not only do we teach kids how to apply practice, perseverance, and determination to overcome challenges in the gym, but in school, sports, and other challenging aspects of life.

We teach kids the mindset and the skill of being strengthened by challenges and growing into their full capabilities.

What is that worth to you?

Nearly 5 years ago, I dreamed of starting a company that would do this and make this impacts for both kids and adults.

…Thus, Ninja Park was born:

A little bit about our story:

As some of you may know, I got into the fitness industry very young. I was 18 and still finishing high school when I became a Certified Personal Trainer and started working at a gym. 

I’ve always had a passion for coming alongside people with encouragement, knowledge, and a drive that simply refuses to allow people to settle for anything short of the health and life they want to live. Despite being pretty outside my comfort, I loved every minute of it! 

The only problem was, the people in the gym would rarely smile. Most people didn’t want to be there. It was a chore they were completing to try to stay healthy. Just like taking your car for a tune up on a Sunday afternoon. You really don’t want to be doing it, but you know that if you don’t, it will break down. 

I can’t say I blamed people for just going through the motions of their workout though. Despite my passion for fitness, I too used to have a hard time staying engaged and consistent in my fitness routine long enough to achieve any result I wanted. 

That is, until I discovered obstacle fitness, and since then I’ve never looked back. In fact, if I had to go back to working out in a conventional gym, well, I think I would die. 

As mentioned above, TAK Fit is a great solution to the loss of motivation that comes from the chore-like and tedious feel of conventional fitness. But I also dreamed of changing the culture and experience of the gym into a strong community of people who believe in self-betterment.

The Ninja Park community is built on pillars of love, support, and friendship. Thank you so much for being the embodiment of this by helping us welcome familiar faces and strangers into the gym, encouraging each other to get up when we fall, and cheering each other’s successes.

Unbeatable Value:

Anyone can sling a price out there and try to attract people, but we focus on the value we provide!

We want to continue offering the most value for the best prices! For the last soon to be 5 years, we’ve offered over 40 youth classes and 25 adult classes each week!  

Our youth program includes classes for ages 2-14! 

Our unique Youth Level Program allows and encourages kids to progress through the levels of classes while remaining challenged and engaged as they learn to overcome obstacles in they gym and in life. 

We offer 9 different types of adult fitness classes including obstacle fitness, body weight training, lifting, stretching and rolling, women’s classes, aerial silks, parkour beginner level classes, and advanced classes. Whether you’re looking to increase strength, improve your cardio, or gain mobility, we’ve got you covered!

Plus our facility includes:

  • 60 Ninja Warrior obstacles (plus some exciting new obstacles on the way for the October 12 and 13 competition!)

  • Rock wall with 8 + routes ranging from V0-V7 bouldering.

  • Fully stocked Weight training room.

  • Free Weights kettlebells, olympic bars, bumper plates, resistance bands, stationary and adjustable benches.

  • functional training equipment including swiss balls, bosu balls, jump ropes, medicine balls.

  • 1/10 mile ally with tires, push sled, and pull sled.

  • A massive lifting cage for bench press, squats, and other lifts complete with a cargo net, grips, descending bars, parallel pars, ascending bars, lache bars, and monkey bars.

  • Personal Training with Certified Personal Trainers.

  • An amazing community of supportive and loving people.

  • Designated youth training area with obstacles designed for kids.

  • A Birthday party room featuring ninjas on the walls.

  • Aerial Silks classes and showcases.

  • A supportive and loving community.

Ninja Park focuses not only on the physical training, but the mental aspect of training as well. We believe that real change, happens inside out starting with what we believe about ourselves. The body will do what the mind believes it can and we will achieve what we believe is possible. 

We put heavy emphasis on coaching our students to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs and to instill confidence in who they are and what they’re capable of. This is engrained into every class and program! 

Our coaches, unique youth level program, and adult classes produce World Champions! 

2 UNAA 2019 World Finals Champions are Ninja Park members! 

Plus, even more Ninja Park members made it into the top 10! What other gym can make that claim!?!

This is a massive victory for us and we could not be more proud!

Congratulations to Sami Schuh (11 and under World Champion) and Sam Rivera (40 and over World Champion) 

Membership Adjustment:

Over the years, we have heard some amazing stories of how Ninja Parks classes and instructors have been changing lives. 

In addition to Sam and Sami becoming World Champions, other success stories include: “my kids coming out of their shell…gaining confidence…becoming a true warrior…learning to conquer my fears…learning the importance of self-love…getting stronger every day…feel more in charge of my life and my choices.”

All these success stories are deeply fulfilling to all of us at Ninja Park and we look forward to continuing to serve the community for many, many more years! 

All this would not be possible if not for our Ninja Park family of members! Thank you for choosing us to fulfill your family’s fitness needs! We thank you and we love you! 

As we continue in our journey of providing world-class programs, classes, and functional fitness training, we are dedicated to providing 3 main things to our community: 

  • The best and most fun fitness classes and programs for youths and adults.

  • The widest variety of classes and schedules.

  • The best prices for the most value.

In order for us to continue and improve in doing this, we have made an adjustment to our membership structure that provides more options, more benefits, and is much simpler!

Here’s the thing guys, other gyms may react and match our pricing or undercut us or set their pricing at something we’ve done before, but it’s one thing to match our price and something totally different to match our value. To match the value of our 65 + classes / week, level program, 9 different types of adult fitness classes, our community, and the results we produce at the price we offer it for, is a very, very tall order. Are you with me Ninja Park family? 

Member Transition Plan:

Nothing changes for current members for 4 months. If you elect to, you can keep your previous, regular price and the benefits that went along with that membership. However, beginning August, 22 the 3 % auto-draft fee will be applied to ALL memberships.

Any member can switch to a new membership plan to gain the additional benefits at any time beginning August 22, 2019.

We can also extend all member contracts to the end of the year (December 31, 2019) automatically with your current, regular pricing and your current benefits. 

This is to ensure a smooth and easy transition for everyone. Nothing changes for you until the end of the year, if you do not want to switch yet. We value every member and want to give everybody plenty of time to transition. 

At the end of this year, (Dec. 31, 19) current members will need to choose which new membership they would like to continue on moving forward. 

There will be no discounts on merchandise, member pricing, bring a friend, and free kids open gym (yes! kids 5+ open gym is now a membership benefit!!) for old membership levels after August 22, 2019.

All members must sign a new membership agreement when transitioning to the new memberships and benefits. 

Membership Options and Benefits:

All Access Membership:

Adult: $75/month

Youth: $85/month


- 2 Free Personal Training Sessions. Each member will receive a free assessment, goal setting, and workout session plus 1 extra workout session with a Certified Personal Trainer. 

*This benefit is once per client per year. 

-10% discount on merchandise. Not including food or drink items.

- Open gym for adults (15 and older) and level 3 students. 

- All-Access Member Pricing! Save $$$ and participate in all that Ninja Park has to offer!  Discounted pricing on events, birthday parties, camps, workshops, competitions, and personal training!

- Unlimited Classes. Enjoy unlimited access to Ninja Park’s wide variety of classes and schedule. Over 40 youth classes and 25 adult classes each week. We offer classes for youth from ages 2 - 14! Our Youth Level Program allows kids to progress through the levels of classes and remain challenged and engaged as they learn to overcome obstacles. We offer over 8 different types of adult fitness classes from strength training to endurance to mobility. We’re a “one stop shop” for fun, functional, and effective fitness!

  -Experience the growth and transformation that comes from being an All Access Member at Ninja Park. 

-Eligible for the referral program! Every person you refer who becomes an All Access member you will be rewarded for! We will give you $5.00 off your membership for each referral. All Access members can have up to 3 referrals for a total of $15 off their membership each month as long as those referrals remain members!

- Bring a friend to the gym with you for FREE once per month. 

- Free Try Outs. Youth members can enjoy the ability to try out for the next level of classes for free! The regular price for tryouts is $5. 

- Monitored kids [ages 5 - 14] open gym session every Saturday from 5:30-8:00 pm [maximum 15 kids per sessions.] Parents can enjoy the ability to let their kids play at Ninja Park while they enjoy time for themselves. Kids will have a blast being Ninja Warriors and will be worn out by the time parents pick them up. The regular price is $18 per kid, but is free to All-Access Members!

2 Classes / Week Membership:

Adult: $70/month

Youth: $80/month


-1 Free Personal Training Session. Each member will receive one free assessment, goal setting, and workout session with a Certified Personal Trainer. 

*This benefit is once per client per year. 

-5% discount on merchandise. Not including food or drink items. 

-Eligible for the referral program! Every person you refer who becomes an All Access member you will be rewarded for! We will give you $5.00 off your membership for each referral. 2 Classes / Week Members can have up to 2 referrals for a total of $10 off their membership each month!

1 Class / Week Membership:

Adult: $60/month

Youth: $70/month


- 1 Free Personal Training Session. Each member will receive one free assessment, goal setting, and workout session with a Certified Personal Trainer. 

*This benefit is once per client per year. 

-Eligible for the referral program! Every person you refer who becomes an All Access member you will be rewarded for! We will give you $5.00 off your membership for each referral. 1 Class / Week Members can have 1 referrals for a total of $5 off their membership each month!

Competitive Memberships:

Must tryout to be accepted into the program.


Receives all the benefits of an All Access Membership.

The competitive membership does not include a free workshop and competition, but includes great discounts with the All Access Member Pricing on all Ninja Park events, birthdays, workshops, competitions, and personal training. 

Toddler Memberships:

Ages 4 and under will receive a 35% discount on the 1 class per week, 2 classes per week, and All Access Memberships.  

Additional Details about all Memberships:

All memberships include a 3% auto-draft charge.

All memberships are auto-draft memberships. 

Members will be able to cancel anytime by filling out a membership cancelation request on our website. Members must complete their cancelation request no later than 3 business days prior to their next auto-draft charge. There will be no refunds for cancellation requests received within 3 days of the next charge. 

Day Passes are $18

10 visit punch passes are $159

I will be contacting every member to discuss these changes. But, please don’t hesitate to call me, if you have any questions. 

(505) 883-9203

With much love and thanks, 

Garrett Takach 

- Founder of Ninja Park & Fitness