Our Instructors

All of our parkour instructors are certified by the WFPF (World Freerunning Parkour Federation), and share a love for the disciplines. They're always happy to answer any parkour-related questions you might have!

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Payton Hanna

Payton is a Level 3 WFPF Certified Instructor and head parkour instructor at Ninja Park. He is an experienced traceur and freerunner, and has traveled and trained around the world. He's legally blind, and he does not let that stop him from following his dreams and achieving his goals. When he's not at Ninja Park, you'll most likely find him training or playing guitar.



Johanna Schuh

Johanna was raised in Lake Stevens, WA. She moved to Albuquerque at 12, and began parkour shortly after. Johanna realized her love for coaching and began to assist with classes at Ninja Park. She is now a Level 2 WFPF Certified Instructor and has her own level 1 parkour class. She enjoys working with children and loves teaching others how to move freely, while having fun.


Cassie Dierks

Cassie is a Level 2 WFPF Certified Instructor and a NASM certified personal trainer. She has been working at Ninja Park for two years and practicing parkour for four. In addition to parkour, she trains and teaches Ninja Warrior obstacles as well. When she's not at the gym, she enjoys longboarding, reading, and studying psychology at UNM.