$10 off your Intro or Membership: Mon-Fri between 11 am - 3 pm

Intro to Obstacles

Start your functional fitness journey with an intro to obstacles to find your starting point on obstacles. Our expert coaches will show you how to build the strength to progress further then you ever thought possible.

$30 (includes intro + day pass) 

After the intro, open gym is included for the rest of the day! 

Want to come back for more?

We offer memberships, punch passes, classes, personal training and more to help you go further than ever thought possible in functional fitness!



Try every class first time free to see if our fitness style fits you!

We can help anyone with any fitness goal conquer more than ever thought possible through fun, functional, fitness.

TAK Fit combines body weight exercises, strength training, and obstacles for the ultimate full body workout! 

Personal Training


Create a program as unique as you by sitting down with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Make every second in the gym worth while eliminating time as a barrier to your success.