Testimonials and Results

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“The 7 weeks living limitless program at ninja park helped me a lot to conquer my fears on the obstacles and show me how strong I really am and to never give up on things; to keep going if it gets hard and working on loving myself for who I am really. I met some wonderful people at the program. Thanks to Julia and Garrett for showing me how to became a warrior. I am so proud of myself for finishing the program. It helped me a lot.” -S.B.

“The 7 week transformation gave us a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. It helped me overcome injury to take first place and set a state record in push pull. Thank you.” - B.R.

“Had a great morning session with Julia she is awesome! Jessica has been kicking my butt with her trainings but I feel stronger thanks to her... And Garrets motivational speech has really got me thinking of the importance of self-love. Thank you guys for all the support it is greatly appreciated!” - C.B.

“Women’s Tak Fit and Body Blast pushed me to the edge... My arms are numb!!! I succeeded in being sore after the workouts... I made it completely thru ring junction and into the big black ring 🤗🤗🤗 I couldn’t get it this morning so completing it this evening was a nice feeling.” -L.K.

“Great way to work on any wellness and confidence goals. There are mini successes every single visit and before you know it, you are accomplishing things you never thought possible. All trainers are extremely talented and the entire staff makes it a point to know your name and offer encouragement. Going to Ninja Park is definitely a highpoint in both my and my daughter's day. “ -S.R.

“I’m halfway through a 7-week program here and I’ve loved every day of it! The coaches are super friendly/helpful and so are all the people taking classes. Plus it’s a super fun way to work out and challenge yourself.” -M.S.

“It’s not just a place for fitness and perfect people but a place that focuses on every aspect of your life and how to make you stronger.” -V.S.

“Going into this program and starting, I honestly was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Some days were so hard that I just felt like quitting. Some of the exercises really challenged me and were hard to do or I couldn't do them. From lack of strength, technique, etc. As the weeks went by though I started to notice slight differences and then I noticed I was able to complete some of the things that I wasn't able to before. Throughout the program, I also got to meet new people and I felt like a community. I have also been able to feel more in charge of my life, my time and my choices. I suffer with depression and PTSD and this program helped me to cope with some of the more challenging things I was dealing with. I am a lot more responsible now. I have quit a lot of things whether it be because it was hard or I didn't like it but this program made me accountable. There were days I was tired from work and school and I did not want to go work out. This program made me stick with it though and made me choose if I wanted to take the easy route and quit or take the hard route with more benefits in the end. I liked the coaches that I got to work and engage with. They all have such different personalities but I enjoyed all of them and their classes. Garrett also always provided material that was influencing on our Monday Motivational Meetings. I really enjoyed the program and am proud of what I accomplished. The only regret I have is not being able to fit more classes into my schedule because of work and school. I thank you Ninja Park!” - L.B.

River achieved his muscle up!

Arianna lost 15 pounds!

Cecilia lost 4% body fat!

Bill won first place in his power lifting competition!

Shylis can’t stop showing off her new shoulder muscles!

Brad made significant progress at the Devil Steps!

Vianey went from a size 7 in jeans to a size 5!

Melanie choreographed an aerial silks routine!

Xandia plans on competing in our next competition!

Yvonne decided to make a dramatic career change to follow her dreams!

Shawn is on track to building her essential oils business!

EVERYONE achieved a new obstacle, if not many!