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2420 Comanche Road Northeast, Suite H3
Albuquerque, NM, 87107

(505) 883-9203

Ninja Park is an obstacle course fitness gym, offering open gym, adult and kids classes, personal training, and competitions. 

Our Ninja Team

Interested in becoming a park of the Ninja Park team? Call today to apply at 505-883-9203!

Garrett Takach

Garrett is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Level 2 Parkour certified, Black Belt, and the first place winner of the 2015 Area Qualifier in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competition. He has been a tester for the American Ninja Warrior finals course in Las Vegas and was the only competitor to complete the UNAA qualifying course at Ninja Park. He is incredibly passionate about fitness. Whether your goals are geared towards obstacle competitions, cross training, weight loss, muscle growth, rehabilitative corrective exercise, or general fitness, Garrett knows how to get you there safely and efficiently. 

"Let's train DAILY while others train WEAKLY."  -Garrett

Jessica Lucero

Group and Personal Trainer Jessica Lucero is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Trainer, Level 2 Parkour certified, and the first place winner of the 2015 Women's Area Qualifier in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competition. She strives to make fitness as fun as possible to help anyone overcome challenges in fitness and in life. Jessica also teaches group fitness classes that promote general fitness, overall health and well-being, rejuvenation through foam rolling and stretching, and overall bodily balance and strength. 

"You can sit around all day thinking about regrets, mistakes, worries, and problems, but at the end of the day nothing will be changed. Instead, never regret, learn from your mistakes and never repeat them, turn your worries into challenges to be conquered, and remember: there is always a solution to EVERY problem." -Jessica

James De Lara

James was rather non-athletic and very overweight as a child.  He tried to play sports, just was never all that successful.  He gravitated towards martial arts as the success was solely up to him.  It was not a team sport, and he could let no one down but myself.  It was not until his sophomore year he started playing high school basketball where he lost a lot of weight and went the other way – got pretty skinny. He become more athletic once he was into his 20’s and adopted a lifestyle of lifting weights and getting stronger, in addition to all of his years in martial arts and kickboxing. 

To this day he really cheers for the underdog as he still sees himself as just that.  Not in a negative way, it just seemed like he always learned everything the hard way and struggled to get better.  Yet he is not an elite athlete, sports star at any level, a well known trainer or a ripped physique model.  Does this stop him from trying?  Not a chance!

November 2012 he received his personal training certifications from the NASM and ACSM and in 2015 his Speed, Agility & Quickness certification from NESTA. In 2014 I received my B.S degree in Wellness and Fitness from Cal U of Pennsylvania.

He has come to realize over all these years that people who reach out for help with their health and fitness are also underdogs.  They obviously struggle or they would not be reaching out for help.  So he can relate with their struggles and obstacles.  Most everyone has some aspiration to something higher or greater (learning a new language, earning a degree, being a rock star parent, better fitness, fundraising for charity, etc.). His clients are actually his friends – they are underdogs, they make improvements, they are rock stars, they aspire to be something better!  Brick by brick, piece by piece they are improving their health, wellness and lives.  He will fight for the “underdog” in each of them or anyone reaching out for help.

Payton Hanna   

Payton has been practicing parkour and freerunning for over four years. He received his black belt in Songahm Taekwnondo and did gymnastics when he was younger. Payton is legally blind, with non-correctable vision, and believes that nothing should ever stop anyone from achieving their goals, even disability. He is a level 3 certified WFPF parkour instructor and plans to attain more certifications in the future. He loves training and coaching, and in his free time you'll find him playing music or taking a walk.

Leigha MacKenzie

Leigha has a background in power lifting, and body building and likes to hike every weekend in the Sandias. She is a personal trainer through NASM, and is also level 2 WFPF parkour certified. She is going to school for adolescent behaviors, and hopes to one day become a neurologist. She has a passion for coaching parents and kids on how to overcome obstacles mentally and physically with critical thinking that helps you form techniques specific for your body type.

Ninja Park - Obstacle Fitness Gym
2420 Comanche Rd. NE Suite H3 Albuquerque, NM 87107
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