What is Parkour & FreeRunning?

"Parkour" is a discipline of movement that involves using the human body to overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently, using techniques like vaulting, rolling, jumping, and climbing. It was founded in the 1980's by a group of French athletes, but most people know of it because of the scene featured in "The Office".

"Freerunning" refers to the extension of parkour, and includes creative movements like flips and tricks for athletes to express themselves through movement. Freerunners rely on techniques learned through parkour, martial arts, gymnastics, breakdancing, and other movement disciplines to give their style a creative flare.

Isn’t that Dangerous?

All movement carries with it an inherent risk of injury. However, parkour athletes are trained from the very first day to learn how to fall correctly, roll safely, and absorb harmful impacts to the body properly to keep themselves safe. In fact, many cities around the world have started to teach parkour safety techniques in schools, rehabilitation clinics, gyms, and even retirement homes because of the effectiveness of the training, and the safety it offers athletes and non-practitioners alike. A keystone of the parkour practice is to know and understand your own limits and abilities, and never attempt any movement you aren't absolutely confident you can be safe doing.

Parkour Classes:

Monday: 7pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 8pm

Friday: 7pm - 8pm

Sunday: 4pm - 5pm