Program Details

January 7th to February 18th


  • All-inclusive membership

  • 8 personal training sessions with one of our certified personal trainers

  • Weekly Monday Motivation Workshop - Mondays at 7:30 PM

  • 8 life coaching sessions to keep you accountable to building habits and making healthy changes

  • E-mails designed to teach you how to boost your success and productivity

  • Daily journal prompts and a Success Binder so you can stay organized

  • Hard copy of “Dear Mr. A” by George Black

  • Facebook group with the other program members for accountability and inspiration

  • Graduation Ceremony February 18th at 7:30 PM


We understand that the economy is tough, and we were adamant to keep the price as affordable as possible. While this program separately would cost someone more than $1,700 (personal training, life coaching, motivational seminars, tailored e-mails and journal prompts, and much more) we’ve slashed it down to simply what it costs US to provide this life-changing experience. We are happy to present you with the following price:

  • $787 per person, available in two payments