Summer Camp 2018

Check out Both Camps! 

Morning Ninja Fitness and Afternoon Ninja Leadership

REGISTRATION DAY is Saturday, May 26th 10:00 am-12:00 pm

How would you like to receive $680 worth of training for yourself or your teen for FREE? REGISTER on 26th May for all 10 weeks of morning and afternoon camp and receive certificates for 2 career  coaching sessions and 2 free personal training sessions. 
Career and problem solving coaching sessions are provided by John Maxwell Certified coach and Solomons Partner, Bill Schuh. These sessions can be used for career planning/development and/or problem solving. Personal Training sessions are provided by a world class certified Ninja Park trainer.  
PLUS, receive a FREE one month membership at Ninja Park.



RECEIVE A $320 GIFT FOR FREE, when you sign up ONLY on REGISTRATION DAY IF YOU PURCHASE 2 or more weeks.  You can claim 1 free coaching session from Bill Schuh and 1 free personal training session from Ninja Park. 


Can't make it in that day? You'll miss out on the gifts but you can still sign up for camp! Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Sign UP Now Button. Or call us at (505) 883-9203 or stop by the gym anytime. 

Break through the boredom with a summer of fun!

We teach kids how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, through fun functional fitness!

Any child ages 5-13 learn that overcoming obstacles mentally and physically can apply inside and outside of the gym. 

Join us for different courses, games, and workouts each day! 

Weekly Themes:

Monday: Superhero

Tuesday: Sports 

Wednesday: Spy

Thursday: Ninja

Friday: Water

Starting May 28th - August 3rd

9 am - 12 pm, Monday - Friday



Full Summer (10 weeks)

$1,500 (only $30/day!)

4 Week Package (any 4 weeks)


2 Week Package (any 2 weeks)


1 week (5 days; Mon-Fri)


Single day


*All camp registration is non-refundable*

Want Even More out of our Summer Camp? 

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Register your child for an unforgettable, life changing and life-building Experience.

Want your kid to break-thru fear and be successful?

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Ninja Leadership  -  Building Championship Leadership Character and Skills    (up to age 15)

10 Weeks of Daily Lessons on Ninja Character Traits that Create Resilient Self Leadership

Bring your lunch and let’s pick-up where the morning session ended. We’ll gather around 12:15 to eat our lunches together.  During that time, we’ll get to know each other’s interests and challenges.  At 1:00pm (when the class actually starts), the fun and challenges begin.  Kids will experience a mixture of self-leadership techniques, Parkour as taught by a world class athlete and obstacles as orchestrated by nationally ranked Sami, all re-enforcing the leadership skill of the day, building it into character and muscle memory to stay.  Each class will clearly contain:


·         A story

·         A lesson

·         Identifying the Character Trait

·         Physical activity to prove it out

·         Review


Our day ends with pick-up at 3:30.  Please bring your own lunch, water bottle and snacks.

If your child needs pick-up after 3:30, please arrange for them to be enrolled in a level 1 or 2 class(es) until your pick-up time. (Level 3 qualified children need that coach’s approval for open gym.)

Lessons will be based on identified leadership characteristics, habits and failing forward concepts by John C. Maxwell and numerous others.  Despite what people believe over 80% of all leaders are made, not born that way. This means at a minimum, virtually every person can learn to lead themselves. 

Each child will receive a certification at the end of each week for mastered material.  A Master Ninja Leadership Certificate will be award to all who participate in all 10 weeks.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to have your child set their leadership in motion for this phenomenally low price.  (As a hint, corporate teams pay over $200/per person, per day similar experiences.)

You can enroll your children in either the fitness portion of the camp, the leadership portion of the camp, or both!


If you sign your children up for both drop off will be at 9:00 am and pick up will be at 3:30 pm.


1. Click the button

2. Go to Ninja Park's page

3. Scroll down to Summer Camp

4. Sign up now!

5. Create account to complete sign up