“Ninja Park is the most awesome place I have ever been. When I first walked in I was a little nervous because I didn't feel like I had the right body type. The workers at Ninja Park were super welcoming. I felt accepted. I found that Ninja Park is a place for people of all ages and body types. Thank you Ninja Park, you guys have truly made an impact on my life.” -J.S.

“It’s not just a place for fitness and perfect people but a place that focuses on every aspect of your life and how to make you stronger.” -Vianey S.

“1. A lot of people say ‘I probably need to be fit before I can do something like this.’ False. The coaches are awesome at explaining how to do the obstacles safely, offer progressions for different levels of experience, and introduce exercises that help to condition or train for the obstacles. But, really, only getting in there and doing it will prepare you to do it. So get in there and get started. 
2. Another lie that might hang out in our minds: “I’ll hold back the people that are really good at the obstacles. Maybe they’ll be annoyed by my lack of ability or lack of experience. Etc.” Very, very false. I’ve yet to meet anyone, coach or participant in a class, that hasn’t cheered when someone in the gym accomplished something new, or taken a moment of their time to offer tips for improvement on an obstacle, or just generally supported and encouraged presence and participation in a class or event. It’s the most support you can find in a gym. 
3. Kids. There is nothing better than having a coach tell you to get to your class and stop worrying about your kids because he will take care of them (in their class, while you go work out). Also, you should willingly give your money to a place that allows you to bring your baby and keep him with you in a huge stroller, and roll him around from spot to spot when you can’t leave him home with dad. While not an ideal workout situation, how many places can you think of where this allowed and no one ever makes you feel like a burden? If you need the blessing of being able to work out and take care of yourself while still functioning as a parent, this is your kind of gym. 
4. It’s affordable. And there are classes ALL of the time. Something is bound to work in your crazy schedule because they don’t stop working. Except for holidays. And classes will be cancelled when they run their competitions. Which you can volunteer to work at, and watch all of the fun. Or compete in. Which is even better. 
5. Everything. Seriously. It’s a great gym that strives to help you become your best self.” -Tonya B.

“Great way to work on any wellness and confidence goals. There are mini successes every single visit and before you know it, you are accomplishing things you never thought possible. All trainers are extremely talented and the entire staff makes it a point to know your name and offer encouragement. Going to Ninja Park is definitely a high point in both my and my daughter's day.” -Shawn R.

"I wonder if these ladies know how much strength the give me to fly... 

Normally I don’t like my body in pictures but in the last few months I am finding secrets, and curves, and things to love about me... This picture shows that glow, that confidence, and strength aerial has given me... I look healthy. 

People can break your heart, but it’s the strong like you, that keep you pushing on, and remembering you are alright whether you are in the sky or in the ground..." -Sarah M.

“I'm not the most active of people, but I had a great time at Ninja Park! We went for a friend's birthday. We all had different fitness levels and they guys who helped us through the orientation were great and worked patiently with all of us and helped us until we all made it through the obstacles. The employees and the regulars are all so great and create such a welcoming environment.” -Samantha W.

“Ninja Park has been life-changing for myself and my daughter. Jessica worked one-on-one with my daughter for several months, helping my daughter to overcome a lifelong disinterest for exercise. She now works out at the gym several times a week and enjoys hiking and walking as a family more than ever. I have been participating in TAK fit classes (and more recently adult parkour) for several months, receiving much help and encouragement from the staff and gym members. Our entire family loves coming to Ninja Park and the membership prices are affordable for our family. I highly suggest checking out this gym.” -L.J.

"Great classes! Love the workouts everyone is helpful, friendly, and always pushing each other to improve and achieve their goals." -Keaton D.

“A great place to play! We have two boys in the summer camps and my college age daughter and I have tried out a couple of classes. We have met with the manager and a few trainers and they know their stuff! They have been encouraging, supportive, friendly and just plain fun to be around! There are several trainers, which is nice because you can work with a few to find a good personality fit. All have been very professional and helpful. We have been in gyms all over the world...this is my favorite so far!” -K.B.

"One of the coolest places I've ever been and absolute favorite place to workout at! The staff are all incredible too. They're extremely friendly and they know how to push you to succeed without pushing too much. Every time I go I feel myself get stronger and gain muscle while also dropping fat. I don't live in the area (or even the state), but I visit a couple times a year and I always make it a point to stop by almost every day while I am in town. I even bought the punch card so I'm always prepared to go! Check it out, you won't regret it!" -Mikaela D.

 "This is my favorite gym. They have everything you need to progress your goals. Weight room, tire flipping, training devices for balance, rock climbing, and plenty of equipment at their disposal ranging from resistance bands, to BOSUs. They give you a wide array of grip training with their many grip shapes (cylinder, sphere, etc) of any volume or size (narrow, thick, etc.) and textures (smooth or rough surface). They run some interesting and challenging classes and the staff is very helpful. The staff is encouraging and friendly; they're eager to help coach you on your technique and see you succeed." -Joel A.

 "My husband and I became members the first night we tried it in fall 2016. Thanks for the great intro, Charles! We took the plunge on personal training for 2017 and absolutely love working with Leigha. She is fun, focused, and that little push we need to stay motivated. We love learning new techniques for building up skills and strength for the obstacles. A bonus is that Leigha is not afraid to learn from us, too. My husband is a physical therapist and I am an occupational therapist; Leigha is always open to feedback based on what we know about the human body. Overall, we are pleased with the programs Ninja Park has to offer. I am always recommending it to my pediatric clients' families, especially for those kiddos who just need extra heavy work and routine to get them "just right." -Andrea S

 "Ninja Park is the best! The trainers are very knowledgeable and the classes are great. It is the perfect place to get stronger and healthier while having fun. We love the personal training, kids' classes, adult classes, and open gym times. There are so many obstacles and activities that we always have new things to try. The trainers and coaches are wonderful people and amazing athletes. We could not be happier and highly recommend Ninja Park to people of all ages!" -Sandy D.

 "Ninja park is the best place to exercise And body core strength. The staff is awsome, and will help and or train every step of the way. I would recommend Ninja Park to everyone from 3 to 60." -Sue C.

 "If you want a different but killer workout, make sure and head to Ninja Park. This place tore me up! I was sore for a week. It is a fun way to change up your workout routine. All the obstacles are challenging." -Kevin K.

 "Ninja Park is very different from any gym or workout class I've ever taken. It is both challenging and fun! I've felt welcomed, supported and enjoy the positive environment. Also, everyone that works there is friendly and extremely helpful. Stop by, it's worth it!!!" -Claudia C.

 "Put your body to the test in the ultimate challenge of brains and physical skills. I love the Ninja Park, and would recommend it to people of all ages. Compete against your friends to see who the true ninja in your group really is. Thanks Ninja Park, y'all are doing amazing things for Albuquerque." -Robert A.

 "Our son is a sixteen year old with autism. The supportive atmosphere, combined with obstacles that offer progressive difficulty and skill levels at Ninja Park immediately appealed to him. He now trains twice a week at Ninja Park and has benefited greatly, not only in physical development and strength, but more importantly he gains confidence in his abilities to tackle everyday challenges with a measured, graduated approach that lowers his anxiety and builds his confidence. Garret’s training has molded Dylan into a lean, strong young man who feels better about himself." -Shara A.

 "Tak Fit. The perfect cross of Olympic Weight Lifting and Obstacle Course Training. If you love CrossFit, try Tak Fit!" -Stephen T.


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