Level 2+3 Tryouts: March 17th, 11 am -1 pm

  • Ask a coach for the requirements to move from one level to the next.

  • Kids will get maximum 3 tries on each required skill or obstacle.

  • No guarantees. Final decisions will be collaborated on after tryouts.

LEvel 2 Program

After establishing the basics in level 1 classes, we are excited to introduce the kids to level 2! With a base of the beginner obstacles, they now get to experience the full size obstacles and overcome more then anyone ever imagined.

Level 3 Program

Our level 3 program is designed help kids build mental discipline and physical stability to overcome any barrier in life. After building the mental and physical abilities in level 2 to be responsible on their own, they now get access to open gym as long as rules are followed.

By providing expert coaching focused on pushing kids further than they ever thought possible, we hope to provide a fun, functional, fitness style for any child. 

While kids in this level build the skills they need to overcome any obstacle, they use their open gym privileges to practice those skills during any of our open hours.  

Open Gym

Warped Warriors Competitive League 

Warped Warriors training style is focused on a healthy competition mindset, and building the physical as well as mental skills necessary to perform well in a competitive environment. 

They learn that competition is not just about performing well, but more importantly about having fun with the ninja community by cheering on every competitor having the bravery to step out onto the course. 

While developing this supportive environment, they also learn physical and mental techniques to efficiently adapt to any obstacle under pressure. 

Warped Warriors

Warped Warriors Grade checks

Due to the extensive flexibility to participate in open gym, and intensive training schedules demanded by classes, we are now introducing grade checks for Warped Warrior Competitive students. This is to ensure that students are putting their education first, and the time they spend training is most effectively used towards their goals.

A GPA of 3.0 is required to participate for all competitive students. If grades fall below a 3.0, open gym privileges will be withdrawn, and they will only be allowed to sit in on classes while doing homework approved by parents. 

Students have 3 months to get back up to a 3.0 GPA before being dropped to level 3.

Level 3 & Warped Warriors Tryouts

Next one coming soon!

  • Free to attend!!

  • All kids under age 15 must tryout and pass a level 2 program to receive open gym privileges.

  • ***Any child ages 13 and over can try a level 3 class first time free without attending tryouts***

  • Passing a level 3 program does not guarantee acceptance into Warped Warriors Competitive league.

For more on the TAKids program:

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