WHAt we do

Ninja Park is a place where anyone with any kind of fitness goal can use our fun, functional fitness style to reach their goal in a safe and supportive environment. Our certified team offers classes for all ages and fitness levels, personal training, birthday parties, summer camps, workshops, and open gym. 

Our promise is that we will take your further in fitness than you ever thought possible. And we know that if you apply the same obstacle conquering mindset that you learn at Ninja Park to all aspects of your life, that you will go further in life than you ever thought possible.



Come experience our fun, safe, and supportive community, find your starting point, and have a blast achieving your goals. Our community is all about self-betterment physically, mentally, and spiritually. So whatever level you are currently at does not matter. If you have a desire for self-improvement and to achieve your goals, then TAK Fit and Ninja Park are for you.


Our Mission

Ninja Park strives to empower anyone to achieve limitless dreams, overcome obstacles mentally and physically, and unleash your authentic self in a community driven by joy, support, and purpose.

Ninja Park and TAK Fit were created to give life to my cause of making as much positive impact on this earth as possible by inspiring people to live fully into their most authentic selves, settle for nothing short of their dreams, and achieve success in what they most love to do.
— Garrett Takach, Founder of TAK Fit


TAK Fit is simply our combination of obstacles + calisthenics + weight training. The addition of obstacles along with body-weight exercises and strength training exercises creates this game-like feel and our fun, functional, and effective fitness style. The obstacles act as measurements of progressions that you can use to track the progress you are making towards your personal fitness goals.

TAK Fit teaches people that obstacles are meant to be overcome! It's okay to be outside of your comfort zone because that is where growth, development, and progress happens. With practice, perseverance, and determination, any obstacle or challenge can be overcome.

TAK Fit eliminates the chore-like feel of fitness and offer a fitness style that is fun, functional, and highly effective.


The funniest way TAK Fit has ever been explained


  • Facility with 60+ obstacles (and counting!), aerial dance equipment, a weight room, a massage room, and a variety of fitness equipment

  • Certified professionals eager to help you achieve your goals

  • Birthday parties, corporate events, team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other events!

  • A welcoming and supportive community for anyone of any fitness level

  • Personal Training with some of the best and most passionate experts in the Albuquerque area

  • A variety of classes designed to integrate you into our community and fitness style

  • Self-empowerment groups and kid's leadership programs

  • Summer camps, workshops, competitions, free events, and so much more!