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Adult Competition

  • Ninja Park 2420 Comanche Road Northeast Albuquerque, NM, 87107 United States (map)

Please note final details are being added, including an FAQ and rules clarifications. Email or call us with any questions.

At Ninja Park, we believe that anyone can apply their strengths to mental and physical obstacles and be a strong contender in obstacle competitions, while having fun with the ninja community. 

Test your potential against the obstacles in our 10-12 obstacle courses! Spectators welcome! 

Competitors will choose from two courses. The Masters Course for cash prizes and the Ninja Course for other prizes such as memberships, personal training, and Ninja Park gear!



Each time allows 18 sign ups. Times are first come first serve everyone in a given time slot will be randomized on the day of the competition.

Early bird (before January 14th): $40

Week of: $55

Spectators: $5



Run times are approximate and we will do our best to stay within the set times. If there are delays we will have runners complete in order until everyone has gone.

*times are approximate


9:00 - 9:30 Competitor Check in

9:30 – 10:00 Introduction. Course explanations, general questions.

10:00 First Runner

6:30 Awards Ceremony and Prizes.



Masters Course Prizes 

Overall Ranking

*(Top prize varies based on attendance) 

1st Place: $500 - $1.000

2nd Place: $250

3rd Place: $150


Women Ranking

*The top female competitors will be awarded the overall ranking prize if placed in the top 3 overall.

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50


Ninja (Amateur) Course Prizes

*The Ninja Park Ninja Course will be a modified variation of the Master's course designed for Albuquerque Locals who are wanting to get started competing in Obstacle course racing. Prizes are designed to help our competitors reach the next level!

1st Place: 4 months Ninja Park Membership + 8 Personal training sessions ($720 Value)

2nd Place: 3 month Ninja Park Membership + 6 personal Training Sessions ($540 Value)

3rd Place: 2 Months Ninja Park Membership + 4 Personal Training Sessions ($380 Value)


One Random Amateur competitor will also be drawn for 1 month membership and 2 Free personal training sessions! ($190 Value)



Note on Prizes: We will announce each time the grand prize has raised. The top women's ranking will be awarded so long as there are 5 non-staff female competitors. If a female ranks in the top 3 she will be awarded the overall prize in lieu of the women's prize.


Competition Rules:

*Rules and regulations are subject to change before the competition and we will do our best to notify everyone if that does happen.

  1. Each competitor will get two attempts on each obstacle
    1. In the case of a failed attempt the time will continue to run and the obstacle will be reset if needed.
  2. Markers will be set at the start and end of each obstacle. Competitors must start before the start mark and land fully past the end marking. Some obstacles may require showing control to be considered complete
    1.  For example a pull up may be required when grabbing the top of the warped wall.
  3. One Coach or Photographer is allowed to follow the competitor, the follower must stay out of the path of judges, and the competitor and may at no point touch the competitor or any obstacle.
    1. The follower is permitted to carry water and or chalk for the competitor.
  4. Each Competitor will have a time limit of 10 Minutes to complete the course.



  1. My Run time is 2-4pm what time should I arrive.
    1. You should arrive first before 9:30 am to check in and to see the course demonstration. You will be allowed to leave and come back before your run. Your run will not start before 2:00pm however it may start late.
  2. What if I can't show up for check in and rules?
    1. You will still be able to compete, however the course demonstration, rules, and questions, will be answered from 9:30 - 10:00. Judges may repeat the rules and course again and answer questions. However ignorance of a rule will not be an acceptable excuse for breaking a course rule.
    2. Show up as early as possible to watch other competitors and get your questions answered.
  3. How many Spectators can I have?
    1. As many as you like! As a competitor two of your spectators will have free entry.
  4. What can my kids do while they are waiting?
    1. We will be running a continuous monitored class in our beginners area. Kids are welcome to buy time in the class and will be available in 30min, 1 hour and 2 hour blocks. 
    2. Class space will be limited based on the number of coaches available
  5. Will I have space to warm up?
    1. our weight room,  back alleyway, and rock wall will be available for warm up space.
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