Growing up in a sedentary lifestyle home, I never imagined I would be where I am today! After joining dance for 4 years, and becoming captain of the team I felt a tug towards helping others with fitness. Unfortunately, without the guidance and help of my husband Garrett Takach, Owner of Ninja Park, I never would have pursued this passion.

While dancing, I watched Garrett train on obstacles thinking to myself, "I with I could do that, but I can't. I would hurt myself!"

Ironically, my senior year I barely made it through our last performance with a dance related knee imbalance, and through my first job I dealt with constant pain, sudden weakness in that leg causing collapse, and inability to sleep well. After 3 trips to the doctor getting no answers except, "Try biking, it might help, but it's just going to hurt. We can try surgery," I started going to the gym to use the machines bored out of my mind! 

Soon the Ninja Park dream began, and 8 months later we opened our doors for the first time. With the help of Garrett's corrective exercise expertise, and getting my group fitness + personal training certifications I was finally given hope that I would be able to functionally use my knee again!

TAK Fit has saved me from a life of "I can't," so it is now my mission to share this gift with YOU! I teach TAK Fit because I believe that with strengthening the right muscles evenly to achieve muscle balance, using your own body weight to stay functional in every day life, and obstacles to make working out fun to keep you motivated and show you real progress + results, anyone can achieve their goals and more than they ever thought possible! 

Tues/Thur/Sat: 6 - 7 pm

Body Blast is designed to most of all be a blast to distract you from getting your heart rate into the fat burning zone with a circuit style structure, while involving the entire body in a functional way! Focusing on only strength training and calisthenics, this class is perfect for building endurance and strength to reach any goal, including having the strength for obstacles. 

Mon/Wed/Fri: 5:45 - 6:30 pm 

Balance Enhancement was created out of my love for core workouts, since I have found core is one of the most important things for success in most activities. Over the years it has evolved into a class designed to strengthen each muscle evenly, to create the ultimately balanced body. Includes 1 arm circuit, 1 leg circuit, and an ab blasting section to strengthen the entire core section. Combines calisthenics, strength training, and obstacles or their progressions. 

Tues/Thurs: 7 - 7:30 pm

Obstacle Technique started with a few ladies staying a few minutes extra to try an obstacle or 2 after Body Blast, but spending most of the time talking instead of working! After expressing interest in more guidance on obstacles, I created a 30 min class open for the students to pick the 2-3 obstacles they most wanted to work on. Going into depth on the important techniques behind each obstacle, and specifically applying the strength they had been building they saw more results than they thought possible! 

Mon/Wed/Fri: 6:30 - 7 pm

TAK Fit embodies the fitness style we have created by incorporating strength training, body weight, and obstacle training. The best thing about this class is the customization to any fitness level so anyone can find their starting point, then surprise themselves with the progress they can make.

Stretching and foam rolling:

Keep your body strong and flexible by including this class in your schedule. As you strengthen your muscles they can lose range of motion, so this class is designed to help improve your range and flexibility. Foam rolling can also help prevent injuries, and rehabilitate current injuries to make sure you are doing all you can be!

  • Mon/Wed/Fri: 7 pm

  • Tues/Thurs: 7:30 pm

Wed/Fri: 5 -5:40 pm

Obstacle evolution developed from an intense weight lifting class into the ultimate cardio, weight lifting, and obstacle class. We push limits and capability to unleash your ultimate potential, and take you further in fitness than you ever thought possible.

First class is always free!