Course Testers needed!!

Help us make the competition experience the best possible!

If you are interested please email us at with your name, email, age, and a short bio! 

April 15th, 2018

Cheer on fellow ninjas, and push yourself further than ever thought possible! 

We challenge ninjas ages 7+ to beat our courses of old and unfamiliar obstacles. No experience required! 

Anyone is invited to help us celebrate their talent and bravery! Ages 4 and under get in free to watch! 

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Adult Division (18+)

Check in: 1 pm 

Course walk through: 1:15 pm

First runner: 2 pm 

Course reset time for each stage: 30 minutes

Stage 1: 

  • Designed to challenge runners of any fitness level mentally and physically in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. 
  • Made up of level 1 obstacles challenging balance, and upper/lower body strength. 
  • Based off a point system, allowing runner to try every obstacle 1 time without using their re-try.

Stage 2: 

  • Designed to challenge adaptability while still having fun in the ninja community. 
  • Made up of level 1 and 2 obstacles challenging agility, body awareness, and full body adaptability. 
  • Based off of furthest the fastest with one re-try.  

Stage 3: 

  • Designed to test mental determination, and physical endurance. 
  • Made up of level 1, 2, and 3 obstacles challenging majority upper body strength and endurance. 
  • Based off of furthest the fastest with one re-try. 

Stage 4: 

  • Our final stage combines strategy, endurance, technique, and mental drive for the ultimate challenge for the win.
  • Based off of furthest the fastest.  

Youth Division (7-17)

Ages 7-9

Check in: 8 am 

Course walk through: 8:15 am 

First runner: 8:30 am

Ages 10-12

Check in: 9:30 am 

Course walk through: 9:45 am 

First runner: 10:00 am 

Ages 14-17

Check in: 11:30 am

Course walk through: 11:45 am

First runner: 12 pm

1 stage for all: 

  • Youth divisions will consist of 1 stage each. 
  • Competitors are welcome and encouraged to register for 50% off another age group, but will not be eligible for prizes outside of their age group.
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All new women's division! Help us celebrate the unique strengths and skills of the women in our ninja community! 



*Every competitior registration includes 2 free all day spectators*

Youth (Ages 7-17): $40

Adult (18+): $50

Limited spots available!! Call 505-883-9203, or register online by following these steps:

1) Click the button below.
2) Search for Ninja Park. 
3) Go to the workshops tab.
4) Scroll to the appropriate age group.
5) Sign in or create an account to register.


All Day: $15

All Youth: $10

Adult only: $10

Each age group: $5

Under 4 years old: Free!

Awards and Prizes

Adult (18+)

Men - Women seperate prizes

  • 1st place: 
    • $300
  • 2nd place: 
    • $150
  • 3rd place: 
    • $50

Youth (7-17)

In each age group:

  • 1st place: $100 gift card
  • 2nd place: $50 gift card
  • 3rd place: $25 gift card


  • Adult competitor registration includes a day pass on April 14th.
  • Youth division competitors level 3 and up are allowed open gym as well. Youth competitors ages 7-14 must be approved by management, go through an official introduction by a Ninja Park staff, and be supervised by a legal guardian to have access to open gym. 
    • Competitor registration includes 2 all day spectator bands. Any additional spectators must be paid before entry, regardless of relation to competitor.
  • On April 15th, competitors will be allowed to warm up in the beginner side and weight room only. Any competitor found on obstacles in the main obstacle room on the day of competition will forfeit eligibility for prizes, and can be disqualified altogether with no refunds. 
  • Time slots will be randomly determined upon check in, and cannot be guaranteed. Estimated schedule will be provided, but is not guaranteed.
    • Competitors arriving late (after the check-in window has closed) may not be allowed to compete. If the course walk through of rules has been missed, competitor will be held accountable for asking any questions regarding the rules before the run. 
  • A Ninja Park volunteer will film on any requested device during for competitor during their run. Chalk will be provided in chalk zones throughout the course to be used at any time. Competitors will not be allowed to carry their own chalk, or have someone carry chalk for them during the course.
  • 1 primary judge and 1 secondary judge will be provided for every competitor. Both judges will be permitted to make judgment calls. Anyone protesting a judgment must wait until after the competitor has run. Upon request, footage can be replayed to check authenticity after the competitor has finished their run.
    • Pass: 1st foot on or past the finish (red) line with momentum moving forward. 
    • Fail: 1st foot is behind, on or past the line, but they fall back behind the line. 
  • During an obstacle, if any part of the competitor touches out of bounds, pass or fail will be based off momentum and trajectory afterwards.
    • Pass: If the touch causes no visible change in trajectory or momentum, it will be considered a pass.
    • Fail: If the touch changes the trajectory of the competitor and visibly assists them in avoiding failure, it will be considered a fail.
  • Youth division & Adult Stage 1: Based off a point system. Each obstacle must be attempted 1 time without using their 1 re-try. Upon failing an obstacle, the competitor can decide whether to move on and take the fail, or use their re-try to potentially gain a point. No half points or percentages will be awarded, only full point or no point.
  • Stage 2 & 3 adults: Based off a furthest the fastest system. One re-try/course. If competitor fails on their re-try, run is over. If competitor passes the obstacle they re-tried, the next fail will end their run. Time will be lapped after every obstacle completed. If competitor fails on an obstacle, time will reflect the last obstacle completed.
  • One re-try can be used for the entire course. Once the competitor has decided to move on to the next obstacle in the course without using their re-try, they cannot go back to obstacles failed even if they still have their re-try.
  • There will be a strict time limit for each course regardless of where competitor is when time runs out. Score will reflect last obstacle completed.
    • Youth: 5 minutes
    • Stage 1: Time limit 5 minutes
    • Stage 2: Time limit 2 minutes
    • Stage 3: 10 minutes & 30 seconds rest max
    • Stage 4: TBD 
  • Time will be stopped only in the case of a medical emergency. Competitor will have maximum 2 minutes to decide to continue. Bandages and tape will be provided in the case of an open wound. In the case of a serious or life-threatening injury obviously hindering the competitor from continuing safely, primary judge reserves the right to end the run to prevent further damage. In this case, all calls are final.
  • Competitors outside of the designated age group will be allowed register and run the stage 1 course, but are not eligible for prizes outside of their age group.
  • Those who complete the previous stage will be guaranteed to move on to the next stage.
    • If less than 15 complete stage 1, top 15 will move on.
    • If less than 10 complete stage 2, top 15 will move on.
    • Only those who complete stage 3 will move on to stage 4. 
  • Wild cards may be granted by gym ownership, but are not guaranteed.
  • Ninja Park Testers: Not eligible to compete.
  • Ninja Park Owners: Not eligible for prizes.
  • Ninja Park Employees: Eligible for prizes.
  • If an owner of Ninja Park places in the top 3, prizes for that place will be donated to the Ninja Park A-team fund, or directly to the NM Autism Society.